We are the first and only unique Moroccan Hammam in Cyprus.

Marrakech Spa is a luxury Hammam where you can enjoy the Moroccan style decor along with the relaxation treatment provided by Moroccan specialists. At Marrakech Spa, our mission is to offer you an extraordinary journey like no other, where you will indulge yourself with an oasis retreat of the oriental Nights, leaving the outside world behind for a unique experience of relaxation and skin rejuvenation, in a space of deep warmth and comfort. The decoration and the overall ambiance will allow you to travel back in time and make you feel like a royalty for few hours.

Opening hours
Sunday: upon reservation
Monday-Saturday 10:00-22:00

Hammam Packages


'Wellness & Serenity' Hammam Package

Hammam + Black Soap Massage +  Steam Bath  +  Body Scrub
€49  Duration: 1 hr


'Rejuvenate the Senses'  Hammam Package

Hammam + Black Soap Massage +  Steam Bath  +  Body Scrub + Traditional Argil Mask Full Body and Face
€69  Duration: 1.20 hrs


'Grand Bliss' Hammam Package

Hammam + Black Soap Massage +  Steam Bath  +  Body Scrub + Traditional Argil Mask Full Body and Face + Eyes Rose Water + Hair Argan Mixed Oil
€99  Duration: 1.20 hrs



Massage List


€49  Duration: 45mins

Relaxing Massage

€75  Duration: 45mins

Couple Massage (same room)

€120  Duration: 45mins

4  Hands Massage

€29  Duration: 30mins

Back Massage

€20  Duration: 20mins

Hands and Feet Massage

€20 Duration: 20mins

Indian Massage

€30  Duration: 30mins

Anti-Stress Massage (head-hands-feet)



Facial Treatments





Manacure & Nails Polish


Pedicure & Nails Polish



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Hammam is from an Arabic word meaning bath. A Hammam consists of a hot room hararet, a warm, intermediate room and a cool room.

Massage is a word originating from the Arabic word mass, which means touch softly.



The ritual begins with hosing you down with buckets of warm water. After, your body will be slathered with a luxury black soap made of olives and eucalyptus. Once fully soaped you are left for 10 minutes to relax and breathe the lovely smell of eucalyptus and mint in the steamy Hammam. After few moments another wash with buckets of water and then the exfoliating begins. Loofa-like gloves called a Kessa is used to clean the sweaty skin of the entire residue accumulated during the day. Every inch of the body is thoroughly scrubbed to remove the dead skin before you are washed again.

The next stage is the application of ghassoul clay on the entire body, a ritual very specific to Morocco that you can only find in the Middle Atlas. You are left to relax for a further 5 or 10 minutes, while the mask takes effect.

The last phase of the luxury Marrakech spa treatment is the sugar and Argan oil rub with a real intense sweet and wonderful aroma. Argan oil comes from the fruit of the argan tree, which grows only in Morocco. This ensures the final remaining roughness is removed and hydrates the skin at the same time.

After the Hammam treatment, one of our Moroccan and Cypriot specialists will reward you with a relaxing soothing massage session. You will be asked which oil you would prefer, but we suggest Argan oil for its benefits reputation.

At the end of your Hammam session, you will be offered Moroccan traditional tea and exquisite pastries, cakes in the cooling area while watching a video projection documentary on Morocco.