Morning Itinerary


A Charming Hillside Artists Village - Lania

Lania Village has been an authentic artists haven since the 1960s and is full of boutique art shops, galleries and a charming ‘traditional house’ museum. Enjoy a slow stroll through the winding lanes, and cobblestone courtyards of this charming village and finish with a fresh cup of cypriot coffee under the famous 800 year old oak tree in the village centre



Viewpoint Stop for Stunning Mountain Valley Photos

A quickstop at an outstanding vantage point where you can take magical photos and admire the highest peaks in the Troodos mountain region.



The Charming Troodos Square

A leisurely walk around the popular cobbled square where you will find many traditional market stalls offering souvenirs, traditional sweets, and fresh nuts


Afternoon Itinerary


The Beautiful Caledonia Falls Trail

Caledonia Waterfalls are located in Platres village in Troodos. This beautiful waterfall is one of the highest located in Cyprus and is surrounded by forest and it is most popular in summer, when it offers a cool and shady retreat from the powerful midday sun. (Make sure you wear proper walking and anti-slippery shoes)




Omodos Village & Traditional Meze Meal

Known as one of Cyprus’s most charming places to wander, the Omodos village with it’s windy cobblestone lanes, ivy hanging from wooden window panes, views of the majestic mountains from café windows and local shops selling famous lace and beautiful artisan souvenirs and cafes offering delicious pastries and freshly baked breads: these are just a few of the things awaiting you in the ever-charming (if at times excessively tourist-y) village.